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Marketing. Simplified.

Unconventional Marketing for an Aligned Life & Business


The Revolution

I rebelled against traditional marketing methods to build my dream business. Now I'm helping you do the same. 

Your mind is your creative genius and your money-making machine! You already know what you would love to do to build your business online, but you may be listening too much to what the industry is telling you should do to make money.


It’s time to break the rules, and do things your way! I teach you how to create a plan that is aligned with your personality, values and goals.

No more "icky" marketing!

Here's How To Work Together

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Learn how to market your business online with personalized strategies for your website, social media, campaigns and sales.  

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Need a website? Want someone to manage your social media? Need a campaign for a service or product? Hire us to do the work for you!

A rule-breakers guide to success

Creating Personalized Marketing Strategies

Strawberry Cupcake

Embrace the parts you love!

Learn how to love sharing what you do, what lights you up the most and get step-by-step process for building a marketing plan that works for YOU!


Dump what makes you cringe.

Shed the marketing "shoulds" and only focus on what is inline with your true essence. This is what attracts your ideal client! 


Create a plan that works for YOU!

Align your brand values and your goals with your marketing plan for a organic marketing strategy.

Hi, I'm Laura! 

I work with my clients to build brands and custom marketing solutions so you can build your business online and feel good about it, free from the thought of having to do what others tell you to do and secure knowing you are building a revenue-generating business.


Download a guide to start creating a roadmap to building a business that brings you the freedom to keep doing what you love!


Discover the CORE of your brand persona & what your brand looks like as a person.

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Learn that the important thing is to start! Being confident in your offer is all you need! 

What my clients are saying!


Whitney Gray
KonMari Method Consultant

“I am a professional organizer but my business brain is a mess as a newbie... Laura organized my thoughts with me and prioritized what needed to be done first! It was nice to have that decision taken off my plate because BEFORE I would constantly second guess myself and stayed paralyzed by doing nothing to move forward.”


Hallie Shoffner
Farmer & Ag Researcher

“Now that we are aware of and clear on our brand, we use the strategy Laura helped create to guide what we do every day – from content development to marketing materials to employee training and hiring decisions."


Mary Baker
Professional Growth Coach

“I’ve gone from a simplistic approach to understanding that building my business means being clear about who my customer really is, consistent branding and story, where my customer lives on social media, and how to appeal to them in such a way that I find the best match.”

Let's Connect

Want to know more about being a marketing rebel? 

Let's chat! 

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