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How to attract readers to your blog post by doing these 10 things before you publish

Are you ready to get more blog readers?

Do you want to learn how to rank higher in search engines?

Whether you are a service provider offering done-for-you services, a blogger or a website creator and creating content online, the problem many faces is how your audience finds you to read and engage!

While you can create the most amazing content, no one may ever see it if you're missing some critical steps. :( The good news is that this guide will answer some of the most common questions when posting new content, like:

  • How do blogs grow traffic?

  • How can I improve engagement on my website?

  • What is SEO?

And the one you may not be asking...

What do I do before publishing new content?

This free guide is designed to help you increase the readers of your next blog posts and online content and teaches you basic SEO steps to improve your overall ranking in search engines.

This guide will teach you:

  1. Know your audience

  2. Do keyword research

  3. Add visuals

  4. Write a catchy title

  5. Include an enticing CTA

  6. Outline your content

  7. Focus on user experience

  8. Check your URL structure

  9. Create a meta title and description using relevant keywords

  10. Submit your new content to Google for indexing

Following these 10 steps before publishing your next blog post or website content will help you drive more traffic to you online and increase your authority in search.

Questions? Email me and let's chat!

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