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Who said we can't do things our way? Be extraordinary and pave your own trail!

Almost four years ago, I had an idea.

Let me take you back in time to 2017, where we had some issues with the area under our house, which caused damage to our subfloor. After ripping up all the flooring, which was about 15 years old, and repairing the damage, we were left with a brand new subfloor to walk on until we decided what to do.

  • Option A: replace only the damaged area = $

  • Option B: tear out the entire living area, including dining, kitchen and den, and put down new floors throughout = $$$

I wanted Option B! This option was not in the budget. I got the idea that I could do a bit of freelance work.

I knew the same process I created for building my brand could be turned into a roadmap for other female entrepreneurs and help my friends.

The next day I reached out to several friends with my idea and offered to help them build their new brand. And just like that, I had three clients!!

This idea, and three amazing friends, sent me on the journey to "accidentally" creating my business.

I'm passionate about helping others discover their unique brand and to help them build their roadmap to confidence, freedom and a revenue-generating business.

Why? Because I did it. And I am living the life that I want on my terms.

Now, I have an idea that will allow anyone to build a brand that encompasses their story, core values and goals, on their terms.

How many could I help if I created an online course that allowed you to do the work whenever you want, have continued support from me, a Facebook community of other go-getters and an option for one-on-one coaching if you get stuck?

A course that would walk you through building your brand, finding your ideal client, creating captivating content, and selling your service or products.

How would this help you? I would love to hear from you if you are ready to build a brand that allows you to feel confident, certain about your path and generates revenue!

Keep moving toward your dream!

xoxo ~


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