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Connecting on social doesn't have to be weird!

Have you been here? You post every single day, and you have all the components of a great post:

  • Captivating content with a hook, message and CTA

  • Photo or on-brand image

  • Call-to-action

  • Relevant #hashtags

And then...crickets! 🦗🦗🦗🦗

You may get a few likes or even a comment or two but you're left feeling discouraged and thinking that maybe social media isn't going to work for you.

But wait!

Your idea of social media engagement might be a little out of balance.

Let me give you an example.

Remember the things we went to before Covid called Networking events. Personally, the events that included happy hour were always my favorite! 🍾 Sometimes, these events can be so intimidating. Oftentimes many of the other attendees you haven't met, so you go to a table in the corner and sit and wait for someone to talk to you. And some do, two or three people come over and introduce themselves and you have a great conversation with them. You exchange information and you plan on reconnecting in a few weeks. While you are sitting at your table waiting, you notice this beautiful handbag carried by someone in a group of people that looks like they are having so much fun. You think to yourself, "I would love to know where she got her bag!" but you do nothing.

Now let's flip the story...

You notice her bag and you immediately go to her to introduce yourself and ask where she got it. She's more than happy to tell you all about where and how she got it; you have a great conversation and in the process, meet everyone else in the small group. Why? Because you were genuinely interested in someone else and took the time to tell them.

You weren't selling.

You weren't pushy.

You weren't fake.

You were making new connections.

Well, my friend, this is social media.

And if you are sitting alone at your table waiting for someone to talk to you, you could be there a while. Alone.

So how do you make new friends on social media? Here are three ways you can connect in a genuine way!

1. Engage in comments on your ideal client's account or accounts that your ideal client follows. Be sure to comment with at least four to five words. Some examples:

  • Thanks for the help!

  • I can't wait to try this!

  • I totally needed to hear this today!

2. Send a direct message (DM) the same way you would for the previous strategy but a DM allows you to be more personal with your message. A DM also help you ask for more details about what they do or have something that might help them if they have asked a question in their post.

  • Thank you for your help! I've been struggling with creating a content calendar and your tips will help me plan my strategy!

  • I can't wait to try this! Do you have an email sign-up so that I can be sure to get other tips that you send?

  • I totally needed this today! I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed and this quote really encourages me to keep going!

  • I notice you said that you have been having an issue staying on schedule because of distractions. Have you heard of Full Focus Planner? I use Michael Hyatt's system and it's really helped me stay focused and on track!

3. Making connections by sharing content. Since we engage with content that we feel connected with, sharing content that your ideal client connects with will increase your engagement. Shared content can be a post, recommendation or even a fun meme. Remember on IG you share these in Stories, which ups the exposure even more!

So, don't give up on social media just yet. Just get up from your table and meet new people. That's all it is, a great big, fun networking event with millions of potential new friends.

Not sure how to find where your future new friends are? I can help! Just reply to this email and let's talk about what you need most to build your brand!

Happy connecting!!


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