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Embracing Your Story

Here we are the last day of September (oops it's really October 1st! :) and I can't help but feel a little weight come over me. Wow...the year is almost over. We're already in the last quarter of 2020. Really?

As I reflect on my life, family and business, and all the changes that have taken place so far this year, my mind goes to you. What have you been through this year? Maybe plans you had to change, slowed or completely stopped. The loss, surprises and the little nuggets of happiness you might have experienced.

No matter what, this year has changed us. I know for me, not all changes have been bad this year. Some experiences and memories I will hold close forever. Some have been the most traumatic time of my life, like losing my mother.

When I think about how far we have all come this year, what we have been through, I realize, "Hey, we aren't done yet!". Here we are, about to go into October, which to me, is the most magical time of year. And NOW is the best time to tell our story! To write the new chapter. To begin something new.

Owning your story from the beginning and through this past year will be what connects your brand to the people that need you! So don't write off anything from 2020! And go into this last quarter, ready to build something amazing. We don't know what's around the corner; at this point, we are all afraid to walk around the corner. Reclaiming your time and story will experience the freedom and find joy in what the future holds.

Much love ~


PS: Do you want help reclaiming your story? I can help you by walking you through the steps of owning and creating messaging using your story so that you can connect to your tribe and build a revenue-generating business. You have something special, and people are looking for your help!

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