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Everything's better with magic!

Five tips to a wickedly sweet brand!

It's October, the month of magic! And with Halloween just around the corner, it's time to plan for "Trick-or-Treat" and costumes, social distancing festivities and more. This Halloween, use these tips to make sure your personal brand is wickedly sweet all year long!

Tip #1: Playing dress-up is fun! Who are you going to be this Halloween?

I loved playing dress-up all year, but Halloween was special. It's when you could be a little more outrageous, whether it be scary or glam; it's the one day that you can let your imagination run wild!

While this works for Halloween, your personal brand is NOT the time to play dress-up and pretend to be something you aren't. Building authentic relationships requires you to be your unique self. Discovering your own magic makes you different and makes you stand out; not trying to be something that you think others want you to be. Just be you, boo!

Tip #2: The "Trick-or-Treat" offer only works one day of the year!

We were taught how to make our first offer as soon as we could walk to the door and knock! In our costumes, we pitch to our audience to give us treats (preferably Skittles or Reese’s, please!) and always close the deal! Our branding is on point and the offer is clear.

Your next connection could be the neighbor opening the door to hear what you are offering. You should know how to convey to your clients how you can help them with your special blend of “magic.” It's more than just knowing your offer; it's how you deliver it. Making them feel motivated, excited and compelled to hand over the treats for your brilliance.

Tip #3. Strategy - it's about being in the right place at the right time

I grew up in a rural town; there weren't any suburban areas to trick-or-treat, so our options were for our parents to drive us from house to house or to be dropped off at a friend’s house to trick- or-treat in their neighborhood. Of course, the latter was the way to parents, hello! It was all about strategy – knowing which friend lived in the best neighborhood, reading the house to determine if they had the good stuff, and being one of the first ones there, so you don't get the leftovers.

Your brand strategy is just as (if not more) important! Knowing who you can help, where they are connecting and looking for answers, and letting them know you can help is part of building a great marketing strategy.

Remember, it's not about selling. It's about building relationships, getting to know people and exchanging details to learn more about what they are struggling with and if you can help them.

4. Collaborate for the win!

I have two younger sisters, so when we would get home from trick-or-treating, we would dump all our candy in the middle of the living room floor. Next...let the games begin! We all agreed a few treats were the best, but then we all had our own individual favorites, even our parents. And we would swap and negotiate for the next hour, dividing the candy between us, so we all got our favorites.

The same is true for the connections you make back in step 3! Remember, we are all there to help each other, and if you know of someone that can help one of your connections, make the introduction or collaborate. We should all lift each other up and build communities not individual pods or silos!

Tip #5. The real magic is in the success!

Once the trading game was over, my sisters, my parents and I sat and enjoyed some of our favorites. We were allowed to eat five pieces of candy that night and then the rest was rationed out. Which now, I realize was great. We celebrated our success for the next week or more!

So your final tip is to look for the wins, no matter how small! As an entrepreneur, we are told "NO" a lot. We get knocked down and we try new things in our businesses that don't always work. The list of failures is, and should be, long! So when you get that "YES" or you complete a project or find something new that works in your business...CELEBRATE!!

We can never celebrate too much!!



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