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Feeling Disconnected

Hey there, friend. 

Have you felt disconnected from your business? Maybe you feel unclear about your strategy, next steps, or even just feel unmotivated to do anything? 

I ask because recently, I experienced a family tragedy. It has been three weeks since my business has had any real attention from me, and frankly, my clients are not getting the most value from what I have to offer right now. 

I have been on auto-pilot just making it through the day, sleeping, meditating, and healing. I have experienced extreme guilt over the lack of attention to my business and clients. Which has, in turn, kept the healing processing from happening. 

After talking with my life coach and doing much internal work, I realized that I had to do what I tell my clients to do all the time... I give myself grace and permission to put myself and my health first. 

The crazy thing is, once I did this, my creative mind opened back up. I gave it space to be free and to maybe not focus on what I thought I needed to be doing, but instead, look at what this major life event has taught me and how I can help others with what I am learning. 

This morning I sat down and looked at all of my work-in-progress, including several online courses, webinars, and free resources. And I asked myself, "are these in line with what I have to share and teach now" or "should I add more value with my new insights" and the answers were both no and yes. I have ditched two courses and added a new one, among other changes. 

The next step of my process includes a three-step plan:

1. Commit to pushing my fears aside, like my fear of creating video content for you, and move forward so that I can help the most people as possible

2. Connect what I can offer with what my audience needs the MOST right now

3. My strategy is simplified - SHOW UP! Focus on getting helpful tools and resources out as quickly as possible so you can get the help you need ASAP! Because what if my fear of putting myself out there is keeping someone else from healing, learning, or succeeding. I don't want that! 

I know now more than ever, we are going to have times in our lives where we are less focused on our business and brand. And being in a space where you can allow yourself to have this time is vital. It is really why we are doing our own thing anyway, right? Freedom doesn't always mean working the hours when you want or taking a vacation anytime. Sometimes it means we go into a time of healing. 

So, I don't know who needs to hear this right now, but I want to share it for those that do! 

It's okay! Wherever you are right now, it is o-k-a-y!
Lean into what you are feeling.
Embrace it, feel it, and just live in that space.
Then watch what comes out of it...the rainbows! 

Do you need help getting clarity on your business, or need someone to pull you out of the rut you find yourself stuck in? I would love to help you! It is easy to work one-on-one with me so that you get personalized plans, coaching, and resources. 

Let's chat in a free 30-minute session and see what would help you the most, just click the link below to set up your free session!

Much love, 


Dedicated to the memory of my sweet mother, Marilyn, September 25, 1948 - July 18, 2020. She taught me to be a strong, independent woman who goes after what she wants. Until we meet again, I will miss you every day. Her legacy lives on in her three daughters and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. 

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