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Finding Your Ideal Client

One of the most important things to know when you are a budding entrepreneur is "Who's your ideal client?" This question often stumps even a seasoned entrepreneur, especially when pivoting your business or launching a new product or service. Finding who we need to connect with can often leave us feeling stuck or confused. There's so much noise about how you should do this and what you should be saying. Stop listening to any outside voices and start listening to your mind and heart.

Are you ready to sit down with your ideal client and have a meaningful conversation with them? That's how well we should know our audience, as if we are chatting with them one-on-one.

😕 Even once we "know" who they might be, more challenging questions start to form, like...

  • What blogs are they reading?

  • Where do they shop?

  • What social channels do they spend time on?

  • Even what's her favorite snack, cocktail or tv show?

You want to know your audience so you can attract clients and customers. But how do you do this without first meeting or working with people first?

In this article, I'm going to share four ways I learn more about my audience to serve them better (make offers to help).

Ready to start learning my techniques? GREAT! Read on below or watch the video!

Download your Validation Call Cheat Sheet

First, know this is an ongoing, living and breathing process. It is forever changing because we are forever changing! Our environment, economic situation, and business shifts cause us to learn new ways to stay practical and relevant. This is the same for our audience!

I'm continually gaining more clarity and getting to know more about my ideal client each day!

Ideal client discovery is like a dating game.

Who do you want your ideal client to be? If you have done the pre-work with me and know who YOU are (your personal brand), then you have an idea of who would be a good "match" for you and your brand's core beliefs. Knowing this is going to help you through the techniques.

Haven't done the first steps to discovering your brand, no problem! You can get the worksheet here!

If you know your brand identity, you are ready to go on dates to make connections! Or meet a bunch of different people and gather insights to help you discover your ideal client.

Okay, let's get into the five strategies that I use – to learn about and know my audience.

Your objective - have lots (like a bunch 🥰) of conversations.

1. Networking events. These are mostly online right now but have found that these smaller events allow us to really get to know each other more. The groups I usually join stem from Facebook groups where I participate.

2. Social Media. Meet people through social media posts with help. If someone asks about the best way to use social media to promote their new product, I'll post three ways to help...for free. Usually, I offer a free coaching session; this allows me to get more in-depth information on their specific issue to provide more personalized help.

3. Validation calls or surveys. Have three to four validations calls that might be your ideal client. Get the cheat sheet here! Sending a survey to your email list or adding to your website will also provide a lot of insights into the same questions you would ask on a validation call.

4. Be present online. Spend time online everyday listening, reading posts and comments and just observing people. It's like people watching. Don't be a creeper and follow and randomly click like, watch. A real jewel is the discover section on Instagram. The algorithm pulls from what you are doing and will offer some gems!

5. Publish engaging content and observe. Ask questions, give tips and tricks or share insights and watch engagement. Polls like "Do you usually have difficulty creating your social post for the week" or other pain points you feel your ideal client struggles with will help you gain insights into what they really need.

These are the five techniques in my own business – to know my audience a little better every day! Each has its place and time in my brand – and they're all crucial.

I hope this can help you discover and get to know your ideal audience better and move our business forward toward your big goal!

May you meet tons of amazing people in your journey! 💖


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