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Learn how to use video for your marketing win!

Lights, Camera, Action! Are you using video as part of your marketing strategy? Video is more valuable than ever! By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic — 15 times higher than in 2017. (Cisco)

Using optimized video content can greatly increase your brands searchability on Google, Facebook and more!
Lights, Camera, Action

What does this mean for all of us out there working to make connections and deliver great content? We need to be comfy in front of the camera if you want your audience to view your content. It's something I'm still working on, so we are in it together!

I want to share four quick and easy tips to optimize your videos for social media to help you get views and engagement!

  1. Know your audience. When you have a relationship with your audience, you understand how they communicate and their needs. These insights will affect your tone, goal and even which platform to post your videos.

  2. Think mobile-first. Shoot your video vertically so that it's easier to watch on mobile. Include a transcript so viewers can read when they are not able to listen. And keep your visuals simple, knowing that on a smaller screen, the details can be lost.

  3. Keep your videos short. On social, short is better, and by delivering a single message, you can capture the viewers' attention for the entire video. There are other advantages to your audience watching your full video; remember that social channels are looking for engagement!

  4. Track how your videos perform. Your goal will determine the most important metric for each video. For instance, if you are building brand awareness, it will be video views and how long for each view. If you have a call-to-action, like a downloadable, you will want to track clicks and completions. These are just examples!

Don't let budget limitations stop you from getting into the video game.

You can record a great video using your phone, edit from iMovie. There are also many affordable options for editing. I love Camtasia, a super easy to use software and a great choice when you want to kick your video up a notch! are amazing just the way you are! Your videos don't have to be perfect; you have to start, get them out there, and keep learning!

If you need help discovering your audience or want to learn more about creating engaging content, let's chat! Start the new year off right! Create a brand that tells your story and connects with your people, so you can make offers that make you money!

Sending your rock star vibes for the new year!!


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