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So you want {need} more reviews?

What's the difference between a one-star review and a five-star review? EVERYTHING! A recent study shows that 93% of consumers consult a review site before deciding to buy. (Qualtrics) Google alone has over 63,000 searches per second, making it the king of search and king of reviews. According to Google, there has been a 500% growth in "near me" or "can I buy" searches.

In this article, we will focus on Google and Facebook reviews. Although there are several others to consider, depending on what type of business you have, from lodging, services or products, focusing on where your audience is searching will be where you ALSO need to concentrate on getting more reviews.

What to do to make sure you are ready for a search on Google? Make sure your knowledge graph is current on Google. This starts with updating your Google My Business account. Google uses a star rating. These ratings with customer feedback will show on to the right of the users' search query.

Facebook recommendations are now different. First, start by confirming your information is correct and that you have claimed your page. Facebook uses a binary review system. This means they ask two questions: Recommend or Not Recommended. While customers can still post feedback, the algorithm uses the answer to the one question to determine your "score." Even though we don't know how exactly the algorithm works, we know that it helps determine your page's credibility.

Don't panic if you don't have a ton of reviews! Research by the Spiegel Research Center shows that the chances of a product being purchased increase by 270% when it has five reviews.

So how do you ask for and encourage your customers to leave a review? Start with knowing your client and their preferred form of communication. An example is a client that normally prefers that you email them updates, questions, etc. They are not going to appreciate a call to ask for a review. But they would appreciate an email with a "Thank You" graphic and a request phrased similar to "if you have enjoyed your experience working with me, please leave a review at the link below."

Here are eight ways to ask for a review:

  1. In-person

  2. On the phone

  3. Email blast

  4. Personal email

  5. Purchase confirmation (product)

  6. Freebie download (service)

  7. Thank you page

  8. Email follow-up

  9. On your website

  10. Leave a review pop-up

  11. Testimonial page with a form located at the bottom of the page

  12. Social Media

  13. How did we do graphic

  14. Messenger/DM

Combining two or more of these methods will work as a follow-up as well!

Don't do this...

  1. Offer discounts or free products in exchange for a review. This goes against many platforms terms and conditions.

  2. Forgot to follow up/respond to every review

  3. Ask all customers for a review. Don't cherry-pick the ones that you know will give you an excellent review. Remember, a bad review allows you to respond and correct a situation that might have gone unnoticed until the next unhappy client!

Key takeaways!

  1. Reviews aren't selfish; they empower your customers to help other buys make confident decisions.

  2. Don't force it. Sometimes people aren't comfortable giving reviews.

  3. Make it as easy as possible! Always provide a link that goes directly to the review or recommendation location.

  4. Respond to ALL reviews, good and bad!

Want help crafting your message to your client? No problem! Just email me and let me know how you will be requesting the review and I will send you sample text to help you get started!!

Sparkle on!


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