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Your New Normal Is Amazing! - Part 3

Here we are week 1,000 for social distancing, okay, that might be an exaggeration. Now the country is starting to open back up for business. Most of us are cautiously going back to our offices, run a few errands, and maybe even go to a restaurant. But "normal" will not be what it was before. What has the pandemic meant for you and your business? Have you fully pivoted to a new business model permanently? Are you still working to figure out exactly what that looks like?

Being an entrepreneur is all about pivoting and overcoming challenges. Creative thinking, making offers that matter for the current "season", and delivering value to our audience are skills that give us the freedom we all desire as an entrepreneur. The freedom to work where and when we want, to select who we work with knowing where we bring the most value, and what we build and how we create.

Week Four

  1. Grace. (see part 1)

  2. Resources. (See part 2)

  3. Pivot. This is obvious, and we hear it everywhere. But saying it and being ready for it or two different things. You have to be in the right brain space to do this, so be sure and follow step one and practice some self-care and restoration. You need to be able to do the research and see clearly what your audience needs right now as it relates to your "magic sauce" and then you can find that extra ingredient to kick it up a notch to bring a bang-up value for them!

  4. Make offers. Yes, now is the time to make offers. How else will you be able to help your clients and audience if you don't let them know you have solutions to the stresses they are feeling right now? Plus, to repair the economy, we have to make offers and spend money. It isn't for you to determine how much or in what way people spend their money. You need to let them know you have something that they need, and then they can decide.

  5. Connect. In new ways. Zoom, Google Meetups, House Party, and more. There are so many ways to connect with family, friends, peers, and your audience. While we are about to enter a time for "opening businesses up again," we can take away a lesson from this time. We can always connect with others through creative ways. Because your family, friends, or clients may not be local, we can build relationships using the same methods we learned to appreciate and love during social distancing to build relationships.

For me and my "new normal", I am so lucky to be able to connect with so many beautiful people who are creating a business that they love. Being able to help them build a business strategy and an authentic brand is my passion and what I love to do every single hour of every day.

To launch my new strategy, I have an offer to help you with your strategy!

You can Coach with me for FREE! You can sign up for a 30-minute coaching call where you will...

✔️ get step-by-step task to building your business roadmap

✔️ get answers to your questions or concerns about growing your business strategy and brand

✔️ be empowered with the tools you need to develop the business of your dreams

Whatever stage you are in at during this time, get started today. Find your path and set your mind to building a business that will deliver. Deliver to you where you want to be and deliver fantastic value to your clients.

Here's to exciting changes for you!

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