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Your new normal will be amazing! - Part 2

Here we are, about eight weeks into social distancing and #stayhome. I don't know about you, but at this point, I am not sure if I will ever want to go to another meeting again. I mean Zoom, it's business on top and yoga on the bottom. And I am okay with that!

This week, I am sharing my week three. It seems like so long ago! I spent my third week, reflecting on my personal and professional goals. I started writing the "guts" of this article. I realized then that this was the time to be resilient. And needed to decide what that meant for me because we are all different, so the solution is not always the same.

It was this week, where I began thinking of what I needed to make the shift happen. I needed to learn more about funnels and to grow your email list. And after doing paperwork for the bank, I realized I needed to create a bookkeeping process that works for me. I was able to find great resources, some free, for starting the process. I also started working with someone on creating funnels and social media campaigns. These things are all going to be what I need to pivot my business strategy.

Let's not forget something fun! My grandmother was an amazing artist. She started oil painting when I was around 7. I spent most of my days there and quickly learned to love to draw and paint. I have decided to pick drawing back up, and while I have a long way to go, it's something I enjoy and can take advantage of the many resources online to grow my very undeveloped talent.

Week Three

That brings us to the second item on "the what resilience means to me" checklist:

  1. Grace (revisit week one - link below)

  2. Resources. Use the resources available to learn. Paid or free, there are so many online resources and learning opportunities. What is something that will help you in your business strategy shift? Do you see that your clients or audience will need more social media help? Take a social media course. Is your business bookkeeping a weakness for you (this is me!), then take a class about entrepreneurial bookkeeping. Or learn something fun to engage your creative side, from drawing, painting, or another language.

Take this time to expand your interest and knowledge and image what you want your "new normal" to look like. Now is the time to start shaping that future.


~ L

Did you miss part 1? You can check it out here and get a download to help you ditch the overwhelm of the never-ending to-do list and start embracing your new normal!

Next week I talk about pivoting and making offers!

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