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What my Clients Say

Now that we are aware of and clear on our brand, we use the strategy Laura helped create to guide what we do every day – from content development to marketing materials to employee training and hiring decisions."

HALLIE SHOFFNER / Shoffner Farm & Research / CEO

“I am a professional organizer but my business brain is a mess as a newbie... Laura organized my thoughts with me and prioritized what needed to be done first! It was nice to have that decision taken off my plate because BEFORE I would constantly second guess myself and stayed paralyzed by doing nothing to move forward.”

WHITNEY GRAY / KonMari Method Consultant

“I’ve gone from a simplistic approach to understanding that building my business means being clear about who my customer really is, consistent branding and story, where my customer lives on social media, and how to appeal to them in such a way that I find the best match.”

MARY BAKER / Professional Growth Coach

"Laura was able to come in and help us set goals and prioritize our marketing efforts. By working with Laura, we were able to build a multi-channel marketing strategy that supports our values and will continue to support our families. I have confidently recommended her to several other business owners."

PENNY JESTER / Kidsource Therapy / M.ED., Director

Laura’s expertise, creativity, and enthusiasm has taken my marketing to the next level. An excellent branding and marketing strategist, she is an asset to any team.  Highly recommended!

KATHLEEN FULLER / Award-winning, Best selling Author

"Laura has a deep understanding of marketing and brand awareness. She has a creative approach that will be an asset to anyone that uses her services."

L. ELIZABETH BOWLES / Aristotle Unified Communications / CEO

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