Hi, I'm Laura! 

I teach entrepreneurs and small business owners how to build a revenue-generating business with step-by-step processes. By discovering their unique brand, designing marketing strategies for their ideal client, and creating captivating content, they have the tools needed to monetize their offering.

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Download any of my cheatsheets to start creating a roadmap to building a business that brings you the freedom to keep doing what you love!


Discover the CORE of your brand persona & what your brand looks like as a person.

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Learn that the important thing is to start! Being confident in your offer is all you need! 

What my clients are saying!


CEO, Shoffner Farm & Research

“Now that we are aware of and clear on our brand, we use the strategy Laura helped create to guide what we do every day – from content development to marketing materials to employee training and hiring decisions."

Grow your business the right way!

Do you often feel anxiety, confusion or disappointment when trying to build your business? You don't have to feel this way!

You are so smart and have everything you need to build your business and brand that will make you wildly successful!

Be inspired!  With the Identify, Define & Create process, you get step-by-step actions to allow you to feel confident, set kick-ass goals, and build a business that will make you wildly successful. 

Want to stop thinking about it and just do it! Let's chat! You totally got this!

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